Booking & tracking my order

How to book my ticket?

We invite you to click on the following link: where you can discover all our products and select the one of your choice.

When can I use my tickets?

The majority of tickets offered on our website are valid on the day and time of your choice subject to the validity date mentioned on the offer description, at the time of your purchase.

For some services and based on availability, it is imperative to select the day and time of your visit during your online purchase.

I made my reservation but I did not receive my order confirmation email?

First of all, check if our confirmation email accidentally end up in your "spam" folder.
If this is not the case, we invite you to contact primary your bank to make sure that the transaction has been accepted.
If the transaction has been taken into consideration, thank you to contact our customer service so that we can study your case.

How to modify or cancel my reservation?

Once your reservation is validated, it will not be possible to either modify or cancel it.
We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation conditions in our “Terms and Conditions”.For more information, click here.

I would like to book tickets in advance but the time is too short to ship my order or to pick it up ata point of sale. Where can I buy them?

The majority of the products offered on our website are also available in our various points of sale onsite or by phone 0690393373.

I need help with my order, how to contact Customer Service?

This page gives you the answers to the questions we are most often asked. If the answer to your question is not in this section, we invite you to contact our customer service available Monday and Friday between 9PM to 6PM local time,(excluding holidays).